JJ Nääs (Jarkko Juhani), was once the artist and writer for the webcomic Desert Rocks, which has been failing to update for most of the time since it's conception in autumn 2000. Nevertheless, to date it has miraculously grown to be more than two hundred pages long. He is also the fellan answerable for the creation of Between Two Worlds; unsatisfied with not updating one comic, he resolved to not update two. The latter came into being as a device to reduce the number of words he had to write for his thesis; neither are finished. But with its aim to become an epic webcomic, it was the first of its kind in Finland when it began in 2004. It is now finally nearing completion; meanwhile, an adapted and developed version of the story is gradually being made available here, translated into English.

For the past several years, JJ has also made a monthly contribution to the University of Lapland magazine, in the form of individual images and short comic stories for the Epilogi. He has also compiled and edited the 66°:25°; comic anthology, in addition to having his artwork feature in this publication. He now spreads his time, in a rather disorganised manner, between illustration projects, storyboarding for movies and advertisements and creating pixel art for cellphone games. But really, he'd rather be playing La Pucelle Tactics or Oblivion.

If you are interested in viewing more of JJ's artwork, a large collection can been found on his Deviant Art Page.

El meanwhile is not so good at drawing and has recently melted due to the adverse effects of global warming upon the Scandic countries. Prior to that she spent most of her time writing anything that wasn't an essay and very little time writing most of everything she has ever written: essays. She first met JJ in York in 2001 and has been bugging him ever since. Co-creator of Between Two Worlds and the mastermind behind its eventual conclusion, (it was never going to end otherwise,) she has spent the last three months making sure that the English story is relayed in a manner which is entirely grammatically correct, having studied English to degree level and consquently acquiring skills including the ability to discern between anaphoric and cataphoric referencing and deontic and boulomaic modality. She flatters herself that she is the inventor of the term 'language geek' - the traits accompanying which she has forcibly extended to her Swedish friend and fellow webcomic creator Ferio, in the form of lengthy 'edit' emails.

She has spent much time working on her futuristic, dystopian romance novel, The Broken Mirror and enjoys writing 'production line poetry' - which she consistently fails to upload to Deviant Art. Her most recent project was writing the stories and sketching the storyboards for the B2W spin off comic, which will hopefully soon feature in Ilta Sanomat. She likes eating chocolate, watching the new series of Doctor Who, listening to Damien Rice and spilling red wine on her keyboard.