When is the comic going to update?
The answer to this is usually...soon. We aim to update the comic every week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but alas sometimes other pressing and urgent obstacles (such as eating chocolate and drinking wine) present themselves, and the update is *shock, horror*...delayed!

Why hasn't the comic updated yet?
Most probably because we are drinking wine and eating chocolate.

The comic didn't update yesterday...will it ever, EVER update again?
Probably. It depends really on just how much wine and chocolate is available. And whether JJ completes the Finnish version BEFORE the beginning of the twenty second century AD.

Will Desert Rocks ever update again?
Well, that'd be telling.

How long will the story be?
Originally the plan was to confine the comic to a limit of 70 - 90 pages. It is now set to conclude in around 350 pages, followed by a ten page epilogue.

Does Juhani's island really exist?
No, but it could, potentially, somewhere in the Merenkurkku Archipelago.

Are any of the characters based on people you know in real life?
No, but elements of several of our friends' personalities have influenced characterisation.

Will Between Two Worlds ever be published?
There are no plans for this. However a spin off should appear in print as a newspaper comic later in 2006, and the next comic, to be set in the Desert Rocks world, will be written for publication.

What technique is used to draw the pages of B2W?
The pictures are first sketched with pencil, then coloured with digital watercolour on Painter 9.